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Ubungen makes dances that reflect an authentic urban landscape. She realizes the motivation for artistic creation comes as much from the community as the individual. – San Francisco Weekly

Reflecting on Education in the Cool, Grey City of Love

Please join interdisciplinary artist/cultural worker pearl ubungen for
a lively talk and discussion centering on education. Ms. ubungen will draw from the critical writings of Cornel West, Edward Said and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s recently published The Shambhala Principle: Discovering Humanity’s Hidden Treasure.
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SF Labor Force: Inner Circuitry

SF Labor Force: Inner Circuitry is ubungen’s ongoing community-based project focused on the lives of working class communities living in San Francisco.


Created in response to deep budget cuts, including the devastation of healthcare, the project asks what resources are needed to support the well-being of workers who are meeting extreme challenges each day?


City’s circuitry – riding the 22 Fillmore, the 24 Divisadero and 38 Geary lines. Project artists are attuned to the vital need for public transit and how MUNI ridership has been impacted by budget cuts – affecting the health of the city overall.


Phase One of SF Labor Force: Inner Circuitry is generously supported by the SF Arts Commission’s Arts & Communities: Innovative Partnerships (ACIP) Exploration Grant.

Queen of Broken Hearts

was created in residency at ODC Commons in San Francisco.
Imbued with dharma teachings on life, death and loss the work revealed ubungen's praxis Diamante directly on stage. It features live music from ubungen's long-time collaborator musician/ composer Randy Odell and recorded music by Celestino.

Ubungen breathes new life into the notion of community-based dance and reminds us
what the original goals of the form were intended to be.
– Bay Area Reporter